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HR HERO:  Jon Clahan, TriMedx

Improving talent management with HR technology

TriMedx is a leader in healthcare technology, elevating clinical engineering through innovative management programs, medical equipment life cycle solutions, and service data for more than 1.4 million medical devices worth more than $13 billion. As a technology leader, TriMedx seeks to innovate wherever possible, including within its Talent Services. Jon Clahan, manager of HRIS and payroll, used a corporate restructuring in 2015 as an opportunity to evaluate HR tasks, and committed to using UltiPro’s HR technology to improve a pivotal moment in the employee lifecycle.

Jon Clahan led the charge to develop a meaningful and uniform 90-day review process with UltiPro at the center. Collaborating with HR leadership, he leveraged the workflow and reporting to ensure talent management was consistent and included a formal 90-day check-in with managers and their team members. He used UltiPro to automatically initiate the performance review process once an associate reaches his or her 90-day anniversary. The solution prompts managers to pull in additional colleague feedback when applicable, provides for an employee self-review option, and creates a workflow that ensures HR has the opportunity to review the evaluation before it is finalized. In addition, the Talent Services team can monitor the status of the review at every step, and use workflow processes to ensure a timely completion.

Clahan recognized that the new process would be successful only if leaders adopted it and understood the value to themselves and their teams. By way of introduction, Clahan and his team created a short animated video that was placed on the company’s Intranet site and made accessible to leaders.

As a result of the new process, managers and employees have more communication early in an associate’s career, an important step to improve retention and productivity. The review process is streamlined and consistent across the organization, and HR is a part of and has visibility into the process. Clahan played a vital role in creating a technology foundation for improved employee engagement and an optimal performance management process.

Congratulations to Jon Clahan and team!