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HR HERO:  Sean Kimble, USA Compression

Using UltiPro as the Primary Platform for Employee Engagement

USA Compression is one of the largest 3rd-party providers of compression services in the oil and gas industry. As VP of human resources, Sean Kimble is responsible for delivering on two of the company’s four pillars: People and Culture. These values are central to USA Compression’s identity, and Kimble has been using UltiPro as one of the company’s primary tools to drive its own people first philosophy.

Since going live with UltiPro in 2012, Kimble has overseen the development of the UltiPro homepage as the company’s main platform for employee engagement. The homepage has been built out to tell the company’s story and communicate critical company information. As a result, the company is delivering on its promise to facilitate strong communications with employees, simplify access to information, and drive a positive culture.

Specific examples of how USA Compression uses UltiPro as its engagement platform include:
  • Highlighting the company’s drag racing sponsorship. USA Compression employees and customers share a common bond over drag racing, and the company features photos and articles about its participation racing events in UltiPro
  • Links to the company store and the employee perks discount site
  • Availability of monthly safety meeting presentations
  • Information about internal recruiting through the company’s Employee Referral Program and the whistleblower hotline

Congratulations to Sean Kimble and his team for using UltiPro as a complete people and culture solution!