Leverages UltiPro to Maximize HCM Investment, Support Workforce

Key Benefits
  • Ultimate’s expert, hassle-free activation enabled HR to devote more time to change communication
  • Progrexion’s new level of reporting is changing the decision-making paradigm in the C-suite
  • Access to Ultimate Software training courses and educational resources are helping HR get the most from the company’s investment in HCM technology

Unifies and more effectively manages its U.S. and Canadian HCMProgrexion is a technology-enabled consumer services business that leads the way in credit repair. Progrexion technology and services are used by Lexington Law Firm and by, a Progrexion subsidiary, and have a combined employee base of more than 3,000.

3,000 employees

Prior to UltiPro, Progrexion relied on manual, paper-intensive processes for a variety of HR tasks, while struggling with simplistic and often outdated reporting. Progrexion sought an HCM solution that would help combat the industry’s traditionally high turnover with faster onboarding, better reporting on retention, and fewer administrative burdens for employees.


• Because of Ultimate’s expert, hassle-free activation, HR was able to devote more time to change communication, and achieved a smooth transition company-wide to UltiPro. 

• Progrexion has made business information available through real-time dashboards and regular, automated reports.

• The company’s new level of reporting is changing the decision-making paradigm in the C-suite.

• Ultimate learning opportunities in areas such as benefits, payroll and business intelligence are improving HR staff’s technical skills and overall knowledge of human resources.

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