Previously, SUBWAY® headquarters had been using a payroll service bureau for its U.S.-based payroll processes as well as in-house databases and spreadsheets to store and manage HR data. With hundreds of employees to handle worldwide, the HR team had difficulty tracking and managing global talent acquisition because the company didn’t have one solution that could centralize the process. The company wanted to streamline its end-to-end HR processes as well as enhance the HR team’s ability to recruit and retain a high-performance workforce.


Key Benefits

  • Asset 4
    Delivers on-the-spot metrics and analytics for global recruitment
  • Asset 4
    Provides more expedient, consistent, and secure process for performance management across a multinational business
  • Asset 4
    Significantly reduces paper usage and related costs through automated talent management

"UltiPro's capabilities for strategic recruitment are phenomenal. The flow of information is faster and more accurate, so everyone across our company has the information they need to hire more quickly than ever."

Lisa Shea, Assistant Director of HR


  • SUBWAY® transformed its multinational talent acquisition by delivering global recruitment metrics as well as improved collaboration and communication among executives, HR, and managers.
  • Managers are pleased to have instant reports available to help them improve their jobs and the productivity of their employees.


  • Substantial cuts in the paper, time, and efforts that were associated with talent evaluation processes.
  • Helped the company make huge strides toward green business processes and more eco-friendly HR operations.
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